Measurement of visual acuity
Optometric examination for prescription glasses
Consultation, care instructions and check-up of contact lenses
Examination of colour vision disturbances
Measurement of intraocular pressure
Corneal thickness measurement (pachymetry)
Extended diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease and blepharitis
Diagnosis and treatment of anterior uveitis
Diagnosis and treatment of cataract
Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma
Examination of anterior chamber angle (goniocopy)
Visual field analysis
Comprehensive diabetic eye examination
Fundus examination in patients with high blood pressure
Extensive ophthalmic examination during treatment with amiodarone and resochin
Diagnostics, extended consultation and treatment of macular diseases (including age-related macular degeneration - AMD)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Qualification for ophthalmic surgery
Extended consultation before planned ophthalmic surgery
Examination and consultation before planned refractive surgery
Ophthalmic laser treatments

Ophthalmological examination in case of headache
Ophthalmological examination in case of dizziness

Ophthalmological examination of children and adolescents

Examination and treatment of infants with suspected tear duct stenosis
Analysis of the visual acuity of infants using the preferred look tests
Mutterkindpass Untersuchung 1 (examination between 10th and 14th month)
Mutterkindpass Untersuchung 2 (examination between 22th and 26th month)
Stereoscopic vision assessment
Examination of children before starting school education
Consultation and treatment of progressive myopia in children

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